Tuesday, October 31, 2006

kind of like a weird thing.

did i tell you that i got to see some buddies last week? i totally got to see barb and gregg from wisconsin and carrie and brian from michigan. it was great! it made me feel less homesick to be able to hang with some people that wanted to talk with me and stuff. barb and gregg are my friend caitlin's parents, and we went to a comic book museum andd got sandwiches and sangria with them. it was nice because they are older than me, but they don't act like they are "older" than me. like, they think it is pretty cool that t dubs and i moved to this city. i don't know why they think that since i was trying to explain why it was so stupid. but they said that we should do this stuff while we can. this is something that i keep forgetting, and i should try harder to remember, that for now we are free, and once truen decided to go back and finish her school, or we get a puppy or one of those um, what do you call them? you know, they are like puppies but humans? well, if we had one of them human puppies, we would have to knocck off all of thiis galavanting. but for now, live it up i guess.
with carrie and brian, well they seem to view our adventure the same way, but it is a different feeling because like they have a house and jobs and lots of stuff. so it would be hard for them to do what we are doing, beccause of those things i just mentioned. it is weird because i get the feeling that in a way they, or brian at least, envy what we are doing because we are not that much further apart in age and this might be a little appealing to them because of that. like for example i went into this skate shop here and they had this sweet mini ramp set up and you could totally skate it for 30 bucks a year and i was watching these kids skate and i wanted so badly to drop in and skate but my knees hurt from the bike trip and i don't have the insurance or the money to burn on a skateboard. i knew it was not going to happen, but it didn't stop me from thinking about it all day.
but with carrie and brian, the other thing that is weird is that i totally envy what they have, the same way that they might think that what truen and i are doinng is cool, a part of me (and this is a part of me that iis growing like hungry tumor) yearns for that kind of security. to have my things in one place, to have a routine, to come home to a home. it has been a while since i felt that way, andd i know that my carefree times will be coming to a close soon.
so i guess that, more than any other reason, is why i should try my hardest to fight the homesickness that bubbles in my stomaach daily. because i know that soon i will not be doiing this, that i can't keep doing this really, and so while i still can, i should drop in and be free.
i love you guys.

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