Wednesday, November 08, 2006

a break.

This is another photo thhat I came across when I was looking through older photos.
This is me and my Mom. This was right about a year and a half after she had her surgery. Doesn't she look nice?
It was hard for her at first to have had the surgery, but it is amazing how much more energetic she was afterwards.
Like a new life, a new lease on life.
There is more to say about it I suppose, but it is not anything that needs to be said right now.
I just miss feeling comfortable.
But I think this is one of the best candid photos of me and my mom. There is another photo I have of my mom and nathan, they are standing next to a christmas tree they just picked out. IT is a great picture, everyone is happy and smiling.
Why does it seem so hard to capture thosse moments when everyone is getting along?
It sut makes the times that you DO capture them more special huh?
be good. lvoematthew

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