Monday, November 06, 2006

the early years.

i was looking through some of my old photos, sort of to see if i could determine the exact moment that led to my current situation. not that any speccific photo exists, but i just wass curious. i mean, you think of any iconic photo and you automatically think "wow, I bet that this is EXACTLY when things changed forever" but you know, I don't think that is true. I am sure that even though there are plenty of iconic photos, there are just as many photos that existed before THAT specific photo was taken and those early photos could possibly be more iconic since they existed first and without them, the "classic" photo couldn't exist. sorry, i am getting off the point of what i was doing looking through the photos on my computer to begin with.
i was looking for a specific photo, my own iconic photo that people might some day look back on and say, "wow, things were never the same from that point on."
I believe that i found that photo:

I think that our expressions both capture exactly how we ended up where we are right now. first off, look how young i look. god damn! what the hell happened? second off, look at how we both look so completely lost and sort of tired. you know how they say that you can never get back sleep that you missed? what a comforting thought when i look at this photo.
i just feel like this was the start, it was when we both were finally used to being together, we had been through three moves, we were on our second apartment together, but the first one that we picked out together. truen had decided to go to school, i had decided to support her in her efforts (baffled by the decision as i was). we had lived with in both of each other's home towns, we had been through her parents fighting, my mom had gastric bypass surgery, and this was all within 1.5 years.
and we never looked back.
until i looked back just now.
thanks for being here with me to experience this.
i love my life, and i love my truen, my wife for life.

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    Not to mention, your hair totally sucks in that picture.


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