Friday, November 03, 2006

Dugan Nichols lives on his own.

You know what is good? Doughnuts. Also so is pizza. Lucky for me there are plenty of places to get these things here in New York. It makes me feel safe knowing I can almost go anywhere here and find those two food items on every block of the city.
Today marks the second consecutive day that I have not once had the urge to buy a ticket out of here. I think this is progress. I think that we will be staying for the winnter. We got no where else to go. I don't mean that we couldn't leave, but really the prospects awating us in Racine, Door County, Milwaukee or Madison are not exactly the best. Might as well work a coffee shop job here than go to Wisconsin to do the same job.
Well, I am giong to sleep now, it is tiime to take advantage of the silence.


  1. Do you know dugan nichols???

  2. Ask Dugan Nichols.

  3. Anonymous9:33 PM

    I would if I could find him and his family lol. I am looking for a Dugan that lives or lived in Wisconsin

    1. Dugan is my TA. He's doing a PHD in Vancouver, Canada.

  4. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Looks like you haven't been on here in awhile.. I was just looking for the "kid" named Dugan that I used to hang with in Elementary school. He was my First Grade buddy (I was a fifth grader - same as his brother)... Anyway. If you are him - Hey! If you aren't, sorry to bug you. Either way, you probably don't know who I am - but I hope things are going well for you! ~ Martha Dobke


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