Tuesday, November 14, 2006

forever more.

truen would rather read tabloids than enjoy the granola i bought for us to share.
i said, hey buddy, are you want some of this? and she snaps! snaps I tell you!! she says, "leave me alone... i'll eat at work."
so i ate the granola and stared into the bowl.
i came up with an awesome idea though that will solve all of my money problems with its deliciousness!!
wanna hear about it?
i call it Navajo Tears Granola.
I realized, whiile i cried into my bowl of cereal how delicious the tears were making the granola.
So why not follow the trail of tears to the breakfast table and enjoy a heart, healthy bowl of authentic Navajo Tears Granola!

I swear, I am on to something.

also, i stood next to a 60 thousand dollar painting last night, like, i could have touched it and everything, it was in the back of a moving van.


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