Friday, November 24, 2006

a pipe in Lincoln's mouth.

Dude I totally worked today. not for a long time really, or extremely hard for that matter, but still, it was a beautiful day and i was working. i have this job where i ride around in a truck and deliver art work to galleries. it is a sweet job because it has the main ingredient from my favorite job (which was delivering pizzas) and also it allows me to go into galleries that have no interest in my artwork whatsoever. BUT! how about this, I am not impressed with THEM! HA!
I don't know.
on the upside, i have met some nice people, and i have gotten to go all over the city. i can just look out the window and be thankful that i don't live in manhattan, also i am thankful that i am not responsible for driving. i just carry shit. i jjust tie shit down. i just wrap shit.
also the city is not so bad lately. i am happy to have thanksgiving over with. that was not fun leading up to that day. truen and i were snappy. snappy with each other!
then we made up andd went out to dinner for an american thanksgiving dinner at a ukranian restaurant.


  1. let's stop crying all the time and cheer up! it's not so bad here! or is it!

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