Thursday, December 07, 2006

the great denominator

So with this job comes many oprotunities to view the beautiful sights of this large, large city.
This is one of the sights I saw today while in the truck. I like this photo because
1.) It is one of the best colors ever for an automobile. This yellow is almost as nice as that pea green of the original Dodge Neon. When you buy a car in this color, you are really committing to that car since the chances of you re-selling that car are slim. I have a friend who recently totaled her car. Her YELLOW car. She claims that it was an accident, but I think I know better. It was the only way out for her and that car. The only car that should be allowed to be this color is a taxi cab.
2.) You can't really tell, but it is covered with hilarious bumper stickers. One of these stickers threatens to flick a booger at YOUR car if you get any closer. LOOK OUT!! Another sticker asks what part of "No" you don't understand? Finally someone is daring to ask the tough questions. I really had to take a minute to think about that one. And yet another sticker proclaims this person to be president of the "Boner Club". Well, I was not aware that we had made bumper stickers, I suppose that is where all of our Dues have been going.
3.) It is one of those Nissan Exterras and when I see these cars I always remember my friend Dugan being in love with this car, or maybe he was just in love with the Lenny Kravitz song that was in the commercial.
All around this is just an obnoxious car, and it is hard for me to not enjoy looking at it, I guess it is just sensory overload or something.

Anyways, how are you doing?
Things are looking up, we found a sublet through April, so we can stay at least that long. This is nice because I really like my job at the moment, and I would be hard pressed to find something that pays as well in MIlwaukee.
Well, be good. I am going to go find T Dubs.

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