Friday, February 23, 2007


today was another long day guys, so i am sorry for not having a lot to say. i was thinking of secretly recording my thoughts while we are in the truck, but i think it would look suspicious if i were constantly talking and giggling into my armpit. i would hide my microphone in my armpit. i know that hiding it on my inner thigh might be a better place but it's always so sweaty in there, i wouldn't want to ruin my "recording" equipment.
man my pipes are sore! SORE! and getting done late is not only giving me less time with my buddy, but also it gives me less time to pose and admire myself in the mirror.
anyways, i think that i may have found more permanent living conditions. 1 2 3 HOORAY!!!
that would be nice, to have a place to feel homey in.
a place to draw and stuff.
well, i think tomorrow i am off, but sunday night i work.
be good for now guys.

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