Saturday, February 17, 2007

A sad friend.

The other night my buddy started to cry.
I felt helpless.
I have this feeling that I can fix things. Like problems and stuff.
Got some problems? Give 'em to me! Because I can fix them! Or at least, I think I can.
I know that I have my own problems and stuff, but isn't it sometimes easier to deal with other people's shit? I mean you can be objective and swift, you can see things clearly because you lay it out and make a list, you organize it all and lay then you can fix it right? Like a messy room, you organize it and most times you can get it done within the day.
And when you are done you can celebrate!
Hooray! Check it off the list because it is DONE!
I want to help my buddy.
But I have to try and stay out of it.
It is hard though because there is not a lot of space to be sad in.
I don't mean to dump on your day, sorry.
Where do you even start?

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