Saturday, March 03, 2007

Really soon and stuff.

I am listening to a woman talk about how Starbucks is going to be opening six stores a day. I don't know for how long this is supposed to last, I would guess for a while, right? Also there was a leaked memo where the owner of Starbucks complained that everything is so automated and he misses how they used to have a real coffee shop experience with grinders and steamers... the stuff that you like about your neighborhood coffee shop, personality and stuff like that. It makes me feel a little better about my place in the universe to know that even the incredibly wealthy still aren't fulfilled. They still look back on what they once had. I am not gloating, but it proves to me my suspicion that the only paths to being content and happy are at the fingertips of every man woman and child, no matter how rich or poor and those paths are all internal. It is all just a matter of using your mind i guess, following a religion perhaps, trying your best to be a nice person, consideration and tolerance. Blah blah blah.
I don't mean to get so new agey or preachy, but it feels like a small victory to realize that while you may want many things from this world, chances are you have a lot more within you than you might think.
I mean think about this man that owns Starbucks. How can he ever turn back? How can he ever possibly return to a normal level? I would say he has a rough road ahead of him.
Anyways, it is super nice outside and I think I am going to go for a long walk.
I miss you guys.

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