Sunday, April 08, 2007

A yellow ball.

I drew this picture a long time ago. When I first met T. I lived in my first apartment in Milwaukee! On my own!!
I drew a lot on chipboard, and I always felt like I was somehow wasting my time because I knew that I was working on something that I couldn't frame because I only had enough money to buy the chipboard. I guess I thought that things HAD to be framed.
I had maybe, 10 or 12 of these, and then when we moved up to Door County the first time I tried to throw them all away. I felt like I couldn't keep them. But T wanted to keep them, and so she packed them into her little black car and we put them under her bed. Later on she organized an art show with her friends and she put these drawings into the show. I was really nervous and against the idea on account of how I felt like I was sick of looking at these drawings, but then, once they were up, it looked really nice and I was surprised by people having such a positive reaction.
T's friends really liked them a lot and the next day they bought them all from me. They even bought one that I had given away to someone else, they bought them all and framed them and they are hanging up in their dome.
That was all it took I guess.

Today it is easter. The weather is cold and blustery, and I don't know what all we are going to do.
T sneezed out a big yellow ball on account of she got sick from me being sick. It makes her voice gravelly and I think it is cute.
In classic easter tradition I think I will purchase a pair of shoes to run in.
Otherwise, that is all I got.

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