Friday, April 06, 2007

boop... beep.

today was a good day. we got done early at work, and that was even with a trip to new jersey!
also it is friday, and that is good right? then i also did our taxes and that is super great because it is done and i can now focus on what that refund money will get me and my lovely wife.
i was thinking maybe a sandwich, one for each of us.
another idea was to get a pair of shoes, but you know, the kind you can share.
either one big one and one dainty one, or else really stretchy ones.
hey do you ever think about god?
do you believe in god?
i think about dying a lot, but i never think about god really.
i think about god when i think about things like being punished or tested.
i think about god sometimes when i am thankful.
i think usually i think about science though.
i am going to go take a shower now.
and i will think about god in there alright?
be good guys.
i love you.

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