Saturday, March 31, 2007

Working it out of your system.

Oh man, have you ever worked full time?
I mean like a full time job?
Isn't that tiresome? How do people do it? It seriously cuts into the my free time.
But I think I understand the bar after work scene. Finally!
I just got hired on at this company and it is full time, with benefits (whatever THAT means), and also I get a steady paycheck every week.
Do you want to get your teeth cleaned? Because you can, as long as you say you are me... but they might ask you some questions to prove you are me, so here are some answers to the test they might make you take.
1.) A
2.) A
3.) C
4.) A
5.) Heights, and Spiders.
6.) Curly.
7.) Secretly, when I think everyone else is asleep.
8.) 5 miles.
9.) I'll take what I can et.
10.) Honey brown.
11.) 5 inches... in the cold.
12.) 150 pounds.
13.) St. Louis
14.) Lee Harvey Oswald.
15.) Was a useful Idiot.

The rest of the test is answered in essay form.
Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that things are insured, busy, and oblivious.
Also I thought that I could start to end with a list of things that got me pumped.
Here is the list as of right.... NOW!
-Shooter, A song by Fall Out Boy, A song by Jay Z, Fruit, Skating the mini ramp, Truen's dress and tights, Sleeping, Drawings.
That is all.

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  1. can we celebrate your insuredness next week? I can't wait.


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