Thursday, March 22, 2007

supremely tired and sore in the belly.

This is what my room looks like.
Jealous? You're jealous.
Well, I have been working for a bunch of new stuff.
Like an apartment, and also a new coat for spring.
I have also been working with this company, a new one for me, and it has been great.
Organized, efficient, guaranteed lunch breaks. Sa-weet.
Otherwise things are pretty mush the same. I been drawing, I been walking, I been drinking coffee.
I have been trying to not drink so much coffee, but it is so hard when everyone else is doing something to say "NO".
So, T has been doing better also, happier and more inspired.
All around things are good.
So now you know.
I have some other photos to show you, but not till the weekend I think.
I got other things to do right now.


  1. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Hey Man.

    Clean yer room!

  2. Yeah right! That is the cleanest it gets.


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