Saturday, March 17, 2007

Digging out.

I am sweaty!
Did you see me helping that guy dig out his car from the snow?
Man o' Man! I sure saved the day.
I just saw him struggling and I thought "It sure has been a while since I had to shovel any snow." So I ran out there and dug in and in no tie I had moved some of the snow.
Things to be happy about?
Sure! I got some!
The Nintendo DS is outselling Sony's PSP 3 to 1!!
Also, Nintendo's newest console the Wii is thee top selling console followed by the Xbox 360 and then the Playstation 2.
What!? There is a Playstation 3!!??
When did THAT happen?
Anyways, you might not see it, but Nintendo's success is a great example of sticking to what you are good at and believing in yourself.
So, there you go.
That is all.

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