Friday, March 16, 2007

How I appear to other people.

The other day it was so nice out, it was 70 degrees or something. Maybe you never lived in a place where it gets cold in the winter? If not, it is alright, nothing personal. But you know what you lack completely? The ability to appreciate the first warm days after a bout of cold days. I swear it is like girls carry around spare tank tops in their purses and as soon as it is just barely warm enough they throw 'em on and strut around in the most glorious spectacle... unless you live in a place with a harsh winter, you will never fully appreciate this sight.
Around here we call them "the first boobs of spring" and we have a parade and everything.
Cake, popsicles, dancing, it is all there. And not a single bra in sight.
Anyways, it is great. T and I were walking around after I had had a long day of work and we were just smiling and smelling the smells of the spring. Charcoal grills, spring air, marijuana, it was a very relaxing combo.
So, now it is snowing and everyone is pissed and sad. But that is a whole different part about having harsh winters.
People want so badly to believe that the crappy weather is gone that they become blind with denial, and when the snow or rain or cold comes back, it is like a million slaps in the face.
I cracked wise to this a long time ago.
Plus a part of me is dead inside.
It isn't as bad as it sounds because technically the piece is not dead but just frozen solid with no chance to fully thaw, so I just count it as dead.
Well that is all for now.
Things are getting better on a daily basis.
In your face!

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  1. Anonymous7:46 AM

    that is the funniest thing i ever read in my life!


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