Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The laughing cougar.

The thing that is hard to do is keep to your own business.
I am always having ideas for other people, but they aren't asking for them, I just believe that my ideas are good ones and they need to be heard!
And it isn't that they aren't good, I mean come on...
But they aren't for everyone right? So I should just keep to myself I guess. Otherwise I upset the balance.
The balance is names T-Dubs.
But seriously it is something that I have been trying to deal with, keeping my thoughts to myself but still trying to share with other people.
So, lots of times I just nod my head.
Ask me why.
I don't know, that is another part of my plan is to not listen to what people are saying so as not to then want to interfere because I can't interfere with something I don't know anything about right?
I am available to come speak at schools and businesses for motivational purposes if you'd like.

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