Thursday, May 10, 2007


Have you ever tried Heroin? Yeah, I capitalize Heroin, I think it has earned it.
But have you?
I have not. I don't mind needles, and I compulsively steal spoons, so I am not sure what is keeping me from what might be the single most important decision I might ever make.
I work a lot.
I think about it every day, while I am working.
I think about how this seems like very risky behavior. Like I might never get out, I might get too deep and by the time I realize what I have done, I have signed myself up for a life of heavy lifting, sweating through my pants (EWWW!) and subsisting on deli sandwiches and coffee.
A quick list of things that I like to do:
-Talk with my friend
Also that double acts as a list of things I never get to do anymore.
But they pay me well, so I will just shut my mouth and think of something to spend my money on.
The American way!

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