Saturday, May 26, 2007

Smell the lotion in the air.

It is hot.
Outside, it is hot outside.
I bought some shorts.
I broke down and just went for it.
I would just like to be comfy, you know?
So shorts it is!
Are there things that you feel like you might be missing out on?
In life and stuff I mean.
I work a lot you know, I know you know this.
It is why I am cranky when you call me up to hang out.
It is why I have been reflecting so much.
I wonder.
Did you read the Road?
That book man, that book fucking rules the universe.
It is sad because it depicts a world that no one wants to live in, but it gets me so stoked about life.
What do you call that?
Anyways, I think about that book, and other doomsday scenarios, and I think about my life and what I am doing with it and I start to feel like, I don't know, maybe there is more?
How long do I stay in this job?
How long do I stay in this city?
How long before I start walking and I don't look back?
When do I set off on the Road?
Is there a road to Amsterdam?
I want to walk down THAT road.
be good,

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