Thursday, May 24, 2007

Meditate on the Twix Bar.

Did you know that there is a new "limited edition" Twix candy bar?
It is like, ALL chocolate.
The cookie.
The caramel.
The chocolate.
Yeah, I bought one.
It was alright, but you know...
It was still a Twix.
When I was done, I was still just sitting in the truck... sweating.
I can run home in under ten minutes.
It takes me 30 minutes to walk in the morning.
When I run I make a noise like a siren that you hear when a tornado is coming for you.
It is a way to help me breathe better when I am running.
Also, I sweat a lot.
I call it my leg lubrication.
I lubricate a lot.
You know how I am working for the weekend?
Well, this is a three day weekend so you know what!?
Now I am working for a three day weekend.
be good.

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