Thursday, June 28, 2007

Friday Night Liars.

What is this about a sport called Baseball?
I have been hearing a lot about it on account of their being two teams in this city.
I never really liked Baseball.
Growing up in Wisconsin, what is to like?
The Brewers?
Give me a break.
In fact that is what I said to Junior when he asked me if I liked Baseball.
Give me a break!

Then he told me that Milwaukee is #1 right now.

Well, shit.
I mean, I still don't really like Baseball, there are too many games and teams and watching Baseball has never been very fun for me to do.
But I have to say that after you are reminded daily of the sport's existence, it is hard to ignore that it exists.

It is no Football.
But, as far as a sport involving a ball and a bat are concerned, it certainly is that.

Did you know that I got a Nintendo Wii today?
I did!
Now I just need a TV and I am set!

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