Tuesday, June 05, 2007

See Green Foam.

I went back to Wisconsin for a visit.
Did you ever visit before?
Wisconsin I mean?
It is a nice place.
My first job I ever had was at a flower shop near my house.
Do you know that material that they put flowers in?
Like, fresh cut ones....?
It is this green foam, it is like super compacted styrofoam and it sucks up water.
It is like a cube of water by the time it is done drinking.
It is a good invention for the flower industry.
Keeps them alive longer.
This foam had a really soft feel to it, it conformed to shapes, it was very heavy when it was full of water.
When you stuck the flowers in, if you removed them, the shape of their stems remained perfectly shaped.
I always wanted a bed of the foam, soaked in cool water for me to lay down on during a hot day.

I thought that when I left Wisconsin that it would hold my shape, just like the foam and the flowers.
I would return and people would smile and remember me and say "Hello".
It is just what I saw in my mind.
The things that would happen after I left.
A note in the paper to let everyone know what was going on with me and that I was alright.

be good.

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