Friday, June 15, 2007

You want to feel the taste?

I would be lying if I said that The anonymous comment left to an earlier post didn't bother me.
I would be lying right to your face.
I read it a couple of times.
Then I went to put my laundry into the dryers and the whole time I thought about it.
Who DOES read this anyways?

I guess the anonymous poster read it.
At least once anyways.

And honestly, even though it made me feel sort of bad about myself, what does it really matter?
Who isn't at least ONE of the three D words listed?
How am I any different from anyone else in those areas?

I just write this stuff down for myself really.
So who cares right?
Who cares about some anonymous post that may or may not have been meant to be mean and sarcastic?
Unfortunately I know one or two people that would intentionally be mean like that.
That is true.

Dang man, this better not be an indication of what to expect this weekend.

Be good.

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