Thursday, June 14, 2007

TV. Phone.

I was in the truck today and I saw a poster that was for a new phone.
First off, there are a lot of phones huh?
Like, hundreds to choose from.
This poster said "Real TV on your phone."
I thought about that for a long time, I sat there looking at this poster and it's sentence.
I thought about my Mom.
Or at least, Her generation.
If she was a little girl and someone showed her this sentence, what would she think I wonder?
I mean, these two inventions have been around for a long time, and they were around when she was little.
So lil' Cathy knows what these two things are.
But why would she, or anyone for that matter ever think to combine the two?
I mean, a television used to be a piece of furniture, in it's own cabinet.
And phones were big and bulky also.
So I am sure that lil Cathy and I would be having the same thought.
"Why the Fuck would anyone need a TV on their phone?"

I just feel like there are things that make me proud to be a part of human kind.
Certain steps in progress are great, remarkable, amazing and helpful.

Then there is a phone that you use to watch TV.
What good is this? Why is this what we are working towards? Who does this help?

I like technology. I do.
I enjoy video games and computers.
I am sure there are more things than I can think of that utilize the latest technology and I am unaware of it.
But honestly, I would trade it all to play in lil' Cathy's world.
Simpler times, less swearing on the streets, actual human interaction, possibility.

Maybe that is what bothers me.
What makes me sad.
That wee had a world of possibility, and we could go in so many different, possibly better or worse directions, and this is where we ended up.
A phone that plays TV shows on it.
Complex times, swearing and violence everywhere, automated everything...
It seems like there is not a lot of possibility left without renouncing all of the progress we have made and money that we spent to get there.

be good guys.


  1. Anonymous1:37 PM

    You are so insightful. Who reads this anyways? At quick glance all I see is a depressed wandering dreamer that should probably be divorced.

  2. Well, it is too late to get your subscription money back, sorry.

  3. Anonymous9:59 PM

    i love matthew kirk


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