Monday, June 11, 2007

Across 15 yards.

Did you know that I am coughing my brains out?
I am coughing so much that I gave myself abs of steel.
I went to do laundry.
The laundromat was closed, and I almost got upset.
Then I remembered my Abs and I just went home, got in the shower, and I washed my clothes on my stomach.

I went home... back to Wisconsin.
I know I told you that. But I wanted to say that I thought maybe I got my cough from being in cleaner air, and then coming back to dirty air.
I know, who cares?

Don't get your hopes up, but let me ask you about presents.
Yay or Nay?
I say YAY! A thousand times YAY!
Bring them over, leave them at my house, and let me open them.
I was told that I am a hard person to buy presents for, and THIS is why I receive no presents!?
I think that is BC! I was raised to believe that it is the thought that counts, So let me say this: IF it is the thought that counts, then I have no issue with your crappy present but instead I am disappointed in your crappy thoughts.

I mean, you know me right? We have been friends for at least 95 posts, right? You know my likes, my dislikes, my hopes and dreams.
And knowing that stuff should make it pretty easy to pick out a little something, it could be anything, to say "Hey Matthew, I was just thinking about you today and I saw this little thing and I thought maybe you would like it since you were having a bad day... yeah, I just found it on the street, but I remembered how you are always picking up garbage off the street and I thought of you, so her you go."
Then I say "Awwwww...Thanks! That is really nice. I really appreciate it or something."

I think it seems pretty straight forward.
And you know, it really isn't about buying something for someone, or the act of giving and receiving, and it really doesn't matter to me what the present is, I am not very materialistic, It is just the THOUGHT that counts. The fact that someone went out of their way to show you something, or tell you something, or share something with you... to me all of those things are presents, and behind them are usually very nice thoughts.

You know, I consider my postings to be presents to you the casual reader.

anyways, I have to go, I got a cold cookie waiting for me.
Cold is the new hot.


  1. Teutonia Buttocks6:22 AM

    Dude, I did not like the post about the rats stuck on the sticky traps. It really put a bad visual in my mind. One that I cannot shake!
    But, anyways, I just want to let you know that your bacteria traveled up my nostrils and now I am sick.
    I hope that I at least get some abs of steel out of this...

  2. Good to see you're still up to things. I haven't checked in a while.

    "Bandits coming off the mesa" and the other work I bought from you way back are fine, although the other one still needs to be hung in my not-so-new digs.




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