Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sticky elbow, the medical term.

Hey dude.
How are you doing?
One time when I was visiting my Dad he took me to a flea market in Window Rock.
There were lots of food carts with mutton stew and fry bread and corn.
Then there was this little table with an umbrella and a big barrel, like a clear one, and it was full of pink.
Then I realized that it was watermelon.
They kept dumping big frozen chunks of watermelon into this tank and as it thawed, it turned into pink sugar water.
It was delicious.

I would like to rent a car and go to visit my Dad.
He lives in Arizona.
He lived in Wisconsin for a while, and then later in Illinois, then he moved back to Arizona where he grew up.
I wish it wasn't so far away, but I suppose there are further away places to live.
And besides, I understand wanting to be where you are comfortable.
Everyone has to make hard decisions.

I hope you are well, if you see my Dad tell him "Hi" for me.

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  1. dude, if we rent a car together, i could see my brother, and you could see your dad.


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