Sunday, July 22, 2007

When things fall into different directions.

I realized yesterday that many of my T shirts are falling apart.
I am wearing right through them.
The stitching is coming undone.
These are old shirts, and I got a lot of use out of them and it makes me sad to think about them not being wearable anymore.
I should maybe put them away if I want them to stick around much longer, but then what is the purpose of having a shirt you are proud of if it is just in a drawer or closet.
Every couple of days I take it out to look at it.
And I smell it.
I put it back in it's box.
These are not in such bad condition that they can not be worn, and they won't just blow off of me in a strong wind, but I know it is time to start looking for replacements.
It is a very inconvenient time for this to be happening.
I just don't have a lot of time to go find a new collection of T shirts that are the most comfortable T shirts in the world.
And the guy that I got most of these T shirts from isn't even talking to me anymore.
You know what this is like? My T shirt situation?
It is like if you are going to play softball, and most of your team gets sick, or gets maimed.
How do you suddenly replace all those guys?
Just pick them out of the crowd? Out of the stands?
Good luck.


Last night I had a very amazing thing happen to me.
New York keeps surprising me.
I got the beer can to prove it.
be good guys.

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