Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Beast is Done.

Last night Truen got out of the train tunnel and she looked pregnant.
It was awesome.
She had to get some pregnant shirts and she was wearing one of them.
I had a box of fried chicken and some macaroni and cheese.
Also I had a piece of Apple PIE!
We ate it in the park.

It was Dave's birthday yesterday.
Dave is Truen and Garrett's dad.
He is the model of how I hope to feel and act when I am 50.
Can you even imagine?
Did I tell you about the time I saw Dave climb a rope with his bare hands?
Dave feels old, but he is full of knowledge and one of the things he said when I first met him was...
"what the mind believes, the body achieves"

That is some wise stuff huh?
He is full of that sort of stuff.
I think he can channel the spirits of those great thinkers and prophets before him.
He is what you call an "elder".

Of course I also watched him try to grill some hot dogs for almost thirty minutes before he realized the grill was out of gas.

Anyways, yesterday was good and today looks nice so far.
I hope you are well.

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  1. this was the best blog ever.
    cute pic of truen.
    cute words by a future father.
    cute sayings from an 'elder' father.
    good good stuff.


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