Friday, August 24, 2007

Thumbs UP!

Do you ever find money on the ground?
I occasionally do.
Today A-rod found $20. in the street!
Good job!
It is a weird feeling because it is money you didn't have, and now you are that much richer...
But the thing is that you really aren't because you end up blowing it on something just because you can blow it almost guilt free.
Maybe you should just save it.

Did you ever think of that!? DID YOU!?!

Dude, Free Cookie Friday is nice.
It was fig bars last week AND this week.

Do you know if Caitlin found an apartment yet?
I wonder because her stuff is gone.
And my room is cleaned up.
So, where did you take her?
You should know that she asks a lot of questions, and she likes cheese curds.

Well, I am going to go now.
I hope you are well.
And if you see Nathan before I do, then give him a hug for me.
For you too.

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