Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Met up with a guy.

Today is rainy, like yesterday.
Like tomorrow is going to be.
Like gods don't want me to play basketball anymore.
Or for a while.

I got a message today on my phone from Carlos.
It said, "I am watching you..."
I immediately looked over my shoulder and to my relief, saw nothing.
Then when I turned back to face front, Carlos was standing not even an inch away from my face.
He must work in his socks.
I never heard him not once.

My brother cut his hair.
I like it alright.
My Mom is maybe going to like it less than alright.
I said to Nathan I said, "Why don't you just shave the words 'kick me out of your basement' in the back of your head"?

I laughed when I said that.

Be good.
Find Caitlin an apartment already.

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