Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dust Puddles.

I had a dream the other morning.
It was after I woke up to urinate.
I dreamt this:

There was a pack of three dogs, they were walking slowly and not looking at anything.
There was a dog that looked like an old coyote, a dog that looked like a large beagle and a dog that looked like a sausage.
The sausage was ridding on top of the coyote, like the coyote was a horse.
Then, the coyote hit a bump and dropped the sausage in the grass.
The coyote kept walking, and I ran over and picked up the sausage and rubbed it's belly.
It was a very friendly dog and when I took it to the house where the other dogs lived, the owners were very disappointed to see it again.
I gave it back, reluctantly and then I woke up feeling like I should have kept the dog.

I guess I just want to have a dog.
I like dogs, like, when they sniff your ears or roll on their backs in the dirt.
A dog to pull you from a fire or flood.
A dog to warn you of an earthquake or ghost.
A dog to lay by your feet.

Some day I would like to have a life situation that allows for a family dog.
And a place for that dog to be in nature.

I hope you are well.
Pet your dogs if you got them.
You lucky bastards.

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