Thursday, August 16, 2007

My biggest fan.

I guess there is a guy that shows up on Fridays.
He leaves cookies, or potato chips in the office.
So, on Fridays, when I get back from the city, I go straight to the office to see what he left.
It is the only reason I go to work on Fridays.
But tomorrow I am not going out, I am staying in the warehouse.
Carlos, my biggest fan, said to check in around 11.
That is usually when this guy leaves the stuff.

...What am I supposed to do BEFORE that!?

Well, I know what I am doing AFTER that, I am going to drink a pina colada at the taco place.
Like, 2 or 5 of those.
You know, to cool off.

Well, anyways, TGTFCF!
(thank god tomorrow is free cookie friday)

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