Thursday, August 30, 2007

Odor Variations.

This is a three day weekend coming up.
This is exciting right?
Lots of guys from work seem to have plans of leaving town.
I am going to stay put.

I don't know what it is about leaving for a vacation but I always get sort of nervous that I should be doing something else instead.
I also start to feel like it is never enough time, once you factor in travel time, getting situated, eating and sleeping, it just ends up feeling like not enough time.
I think I need to pad my vacations with at least 2 days on both ends of the trip so that if I want a week for my trip, I need 11 days off total so that I can get there, get acclimated, enjoy my trip and then when I leave, I know that I am in no rush to get back because I still have two extra days to re-situate.

So, that is that.

You know that tomorrow I have a secret meeting? It is true.
A meeting that may very well determine my fate in New York!

Also, I was in a store the other day looking at TVs and on one of the TVs was Beyonce.
I watched her dance and sing in front of a crowd of people.
Then it cut to her in a series of "candid" out takes that were supposed to make you feel like you were seeing a side of her that only her friends and relatives see.
Like you are her friend, and she is letting you see her just be silly.

It was this weird sort of humiliation and sadness that I felt for her.
The humiliation was more for myself because I imagined it was me in front of the crowd of screaming fans and I was dancing and singing.
I am not a big dancer.
I mean, I am not a good dancer.
I wouldn't know, I don't dance.
But maybe I would if I was getting paid as much as Beyonce does to perform.

But then I was thinking... That is all she is doing, performing.
I wondered how much input does she have in the performance?
It is hard for me to believe that she is the mastermind of her career.
I mean, that would take so much time and effort, there is no way she could orchestrate it all.
Writing her songs, singing her songs, coming up with her dances, choreographing it all, staying thin, looking beautiful...

Smiling all the time!

It was so hollow and sad to me.
I mean, what does she REALLY like to do?
No one probably cares.
No one wants to watch her read a book, or walk around the city.

I have talked before about how sad celebrities seem to me, so I am not saying anything new.
But you know, the other day we drove past a prison in New Jersey and I could see some of the inmates in "the yard".
It gave me the chills.
I was never happier to be in a truck in New Jersey.
I thought "compared to that, EVERYTHING in my life seems pretty great"...

I had the same thought when I watched Beyonce dance and sing.

Compared to THAT, EVERYTHING in my life seems pretty great."

I hope you have a good weekend.
Be happy you can do what you want and you don't have managers or guards telling you where to be, what to do, what to wear and when and what to eat.


Also, I rented a DVD recently, it had an interview with Al Gore on it.
You can find the DVD here:
I highly recommend this interview.
It is hard for me to hear what he has to say in this piece and not feel extremely sad that he is not in charge of the country.
I know he might have seemed a little preachy in his movie, and I know that people might have other issues with him, but I don't care.
He explains how one might go about creating a more peaceful environment in two sentences.
They are the most insightful, intelligent and well meaning sentences I have ever heard.
So, maybe you will check it out some time.

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  1. Al Gore has amazing ideas. But before you can even marvel at those, I find I am marveling at the fact that he forms such grammatically correct sentences. Before you even get to his ideas, you have to admire his ability to use a preposition or a gerund or any other basic principle of our language. I wish a certain other politician could do that.


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