Saturday, September 15, 2007


It feels like fall!
Isn't that a nice feeling?
Do you watch football?
If you do, then you have to like this fall feeling right?

Unless you live in some of the warmer states in which case, you are missing out!

Last weekend we went to watch the Packers play the Eagles.
And the Packers won!
I tried to explain my love for the Packers last night.
I did a good job.
I think at one point Aaron started to tear up.
What a pussy!

Have you been in the subway?
Have you seen the poster for Monday Night Football?
The one with Brett walking off the field after he threw for 399 yards after his Dad died?
I think it is a very moving photo.
This guy named David Lynch said something about there being so much joy in doing what you love.
I always think about that.
This is what I think of when I watch Brett Favre play football.

Aaron grew up in Green Bay, WI.
He and his cousin would go and get the Packer's autographs.
One time Brett was walking with Don Majikowski who, at the time was supposed to be this player that was going to save the Packers from their years long losing streak.
So it was right after we got Brett from Atlanta.
And Aaron's cousin goes up to Don Majikowsi for his autograph, wearing a Don Majikowski Jersey and Brett says:
"You should be wearing a number four jersey..."
And Aaron's cousin, this little kid from Green Bay rolls his eyes and says:
"yeah... whatEVER"
And then they had him sign his Atlanta Falcons card.

Aaron said he would leave that card to me in his will.


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