Thursday, September 20, 2007

Week of the Moms!

My Mom visited last weekend!
ANd then Truen's Mom is here right now!
It is a week of Moms!

I took my Mom to see the Packer game at Kettle of Fish.
We sat behind a fanatic.
A screaming, foaming fanatic that had a "man crush" on Brett Favre.
He said so.
He screamed so.
I watched the pre-game interview with Brett and I realized that he and Will Ferrell look an awful lot alike.
No one else thought so, so I am not offended if we don't agree on this.

Then Brett Favre went on to become the most winning QB in history.
So, that was nice.
Also, my Mom was super into it because they play a polka every time the Packers score.
She likes to dance and clap her hands.
I guess they only set aside something like, 30 minutes a day for dancing and clapping at the place she works now.

Hey A*bot, quit stifling my Mom!!!
(The * protects the identity of her employer.)


I like to watch NFL games.
I like to eat snacks and scream at the TV.
I like to hang out with family and friends and eat snacks and scream at the TV together.

Watching NFL games that are becoming more and more platforms for advertising.
Every single thing!
Instant replays, pre game shows, post game shows, half time reports...


I want a feature on my TV that not only blocks out all the commercials BUT ALSO blocks out all of the logos that are non-NFL related. Like the stupid pick up truck on the sports desk, and the credit card symbol in the corner of the sports ticker.

Well, I have to go to the dentist today, so I should go get nice and drunk because I aint paying for no pain pill!
Just stick a broom handle between my teeth and let it rip!


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