Thursday, September 06, 2007

People with money.

Guess what I did?
I bought a TV.
I bought this TV so that I could:
1. Play my Nintendo Wii that has been in it's box for two months.
2. Not have to rely on my computer for watching DVD's.
Those are the two reasons I bought this TV.

So far it has been a good investment since the Wii is a lot of fun.
It not only let's me get some arm exercise, it also lets me play the new Legend of Zelda game.
Have you ever played a Legend of Zelda game?
This is more of the same, but somehow that never seems like a bad thing.
I never got into the 2D versions really.
So I can't speak for them.
But this is very much like the other 3D titles.
There is a new Metroid game also.
I would like to play that.

I really got nothing else to say.

Oh wait, did you see these new iPods and the lower price for the iPhone?
On the cover of the paper it had a quote from Steve Jobs and he says about the lower prices,
"That's technology."
I thought that was just bad business.
Andrew at work asked me if they would ever stop making iPods.
I said probably not until we run out of natural resources.
That made me sad.
Sometimes it feels like technology is the best/worst/best thing in the world.
It will always just keep moving forward whether you want it to or not.

Maybe instead of a robot revolution like in Terminator, it will actually be a people revolution where people get so fed up with trying to keep up with technology that they just stop buying these products with their planned obsolescence and the whole system gets jammed up and collapses.

Sounds like a blockbuster film.


  1. Mikey D.12:14 PM

    You just wrote about your Wii and then buying a TV and typing on your computer and buying more of the same kinda Zelda game but different and better, so how is all of that any different than anyone wanting an iPod or a nice phone that they will use every single day?

  2. Conundrum : a question or problem having only a conjectural answer b : an intricate and difficult problem
    ... technology is the best/worst/best thing ever.


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