Saturday, October 13, 2007

I hybernating!

Dang dude!
It got so suddenly cold.

Do people like Tom Petty?
Am I the only one?
Is it because he kind of looks like a horse?
I mean, is that why I like him?

I feel so weird.
It feels like it felt last year.
When we first got here.
We had long hair!
We lived in a room with no windows!!
We showered at the YMCA.

Why did we do that?

It has been a year now though.
This weather change is just hard to get used to.
I mean, it just reminds me of last year and how weird that was.

And now things are more stable, but still.

The baby situation.

I am a weird mix of excited and nervous.

What is the word for a controlled terrified feeling?

I wonder what is Tom Petty doing?

One thing that is pretty funny is that Truen has to roll around.
And she does this thing where she leans her shoulders on the counter, or the sink.
I think she is doing it because of her belly.
But I don't know if she knows that I notice what she is doing.

I have to go do something else now.


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  1. Dude,

    My girlfriend just chose the Donald Driver jersey. Just like the one you have. Now, you two will have something to talk about when you meet.


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