Friday, October 05, 2007

What the hell is wrong with us?

I took Truen to get fried chicken.
I did this because I was hungry.
I also did this because I am the best dude ever.
Also Truen seemed sort of down, and needed a hug or something.
So we hugged some fried chicken.

Anyways, we just got home and I wanted to tell you some stuff.
I am going to have to put that off for now because I want to talk about Britney Spears.

The thing is that I thought we were all, as a nation, on the verge of finally letting her know that we hate her.
And that she serves no purpose.
And that she is a huge symbol of what is wrong with a lot of different things.
But on the Yahoo home page there was an ad for her "hot new video".
Isn't this sending her mixed messages?
Didn't we decide she was a joke a long time ago?

Now if she reads this, she is going to think we like her.
Or that ANYONE likes her.

I just don't want to know about these things.
I want to be able to check my free email account without any unsolicited advertisements.
I could stand to know more about science and world events.
Not this celebrity bullshit.

Moving on!

I wanted to tell you about the baby hat, installing artwork sobbing uncontrollably and spontaneously,

I will tell you tomorrow.

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  1. hi matthew!
    this is kristen...i've talked with both you and truen here and there. close to a year ago, i was in contact with you about contributing your artwork to a book i was working on, and i talked with you last when you and truen were on your way to nyc by bicycle. truen and i stayed in touch a bit, and she gave me her number to contact her so i could visit her while she was working at a cafe here in the city. just was checking up on your artwork, and saw your blog and that you still live in brooklyn?! i am here now too. a bit different from illinois small town living, but i'm loving it and i hope you are as well!

    take care please, and i hope to hear back from you soon!
    shoot me an email if you want.



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