Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Today I went to the hospital with Truen.
We got new pictures of what is supposed to be our baby.
But from the looks of it, I think we are having a little frog.
A frog with chicken wings.

While we were waiting for our appointment, I was staring at the floor.
I was remembering how I used to have a job at the hospital in Racine.
One of my duties included stripping and re-waxing the floors.
I always looked forward to the nights when this was my job.
I just liked the process I guess.
You had to first mop the floor, then you had to pour this gluey stuff down that loosened all the wax.
Then you had to scrub the floor a couple of times with this little zamboni machine.
Then you had to let it dry totally.
Then you put down layers of new wax, with an hour between coats.
It took all night and I loved it.

Because when you are done, it is like looking at glass.
And when you walk down that hallway, YOU made that floor shine.
Maybe it is silly, but honestly I loved that job.
There was a definite beginning and end to that job, and that is so rewarding to me.
To see a job from start to finish like that.

I think that is a part of why I like my job right now so much.
Mainly to install.
I like to use my brain and my amazing mathematical skills.
I like when I measure correctly and everything comes out perfect, or within a 16th of an inch of perfect.
And you step away from the wall and look at how nice everything looks.
And even though it is not MY house, or MY painting I still had a part in the whole process.

Little things like that.

Anyways, Have you ever been laughing and in mid laugh you are crying?
Isn't that weird?

I am living in a tiny apartment of emotion lately.
I think it has something to do with my little frog/chicken.

be good.


  1. I love you guys and your frog/chicken. hope to see you soon. hugs all the way from here.

  2. Aww Matt, I love you guys. I hope you are being well. Glad you are taking good care of the frog/chicken.

  3. Anonymous8:43 AM

    matthew you're so funny! ha ha! and fun! i like giggling with you! love, axel's mom


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