Saturday, January 19, 2008

one bag of rocks

How did we get here?
Are you having a baby?
Man, if you are sort of wanting to get your ass in gear.
If you want to give yourself some deadlines to get some things together.
If you want to switch between a shotgun and a sniper rifle with a laser sight.
Try having a baby.
Or imagine having a baby.
It can sort things out pretty well.

So I am thinking a lot about my life lately.
I am taking stock.
This is probably most likely because of the impending date with destiny.
But you know, I am trying to imagine what kind of Dad I will be.
What kind of Mom will Truen end up being?
Because we didn't really prepare for this.
And we hardly ever prepared for anything before.
But we somehow keep going, and it has been so good!
But now we have to be thinking about this new person, and I am so excited, but I am just thinking about what do I look like as a Dad?
I wonder if my Dad did this?
Maybe every one that is about to be parents does this.
But I look in my hand mirror, and I have to sort of justify to myself why I am allowed to be having a baby.
For the most part I believe myself.

But it wasn't too long ago that Truen and I decided to ride our bikes to New York.
In October!
And I mean, how can that be that we would try to do that?
We had NO training!
We didn't even try to prepare outside of buying some new clothes, a bike trailer and
some maps that we didn't even get a chance to use.

We were on our Bikes.
We went on a Ferry.
We rented and drove a Truck.
We flew on a Plane.

But you know, I feel like all of that stuff made it possible for me to do what I am doing now.
In Wisconsin I was really scared about the idea of having a baby.
But after our adventure, after our ordeal.
I feel like I have been able to count on Truen for THIS long.
So I might as well right?

Well anyways, I was just thinking about all the baby stuff.
We had baby class today, so maybe it is just because of that.
Looking at all the other Dads and comparing myself to them.
I can say that there were a lot of iPhones.

Tomorrow is the game.
Go Pack!

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