Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What have I done with my life!?

I am watching college football.
Some bowl game.
W vs. T!!
I think that if I could get a chance to do something over, it would be play football.
I guess you have to go back and start kind of young.
Younger than I am right now.

When I was young I didn't even like football!
I couldn't have cared less.
But now, I love it, and I think that it would be so fun to play it.
But I don't like seeing the knees get hurt, or the motionless player after a hard tackle.
That is why I should have gotten started when I was young and all I was scared of was girls and public speaking.

Now, I got the fear.
I hurt my ankle pretty bad and gross skateboarding, and I came face to face with my mortality.

Oh well.
I always got basketball.

Hey, get this!
My Mom and I were talking about how much it sucks when there is no football.
When the season is over, and all you have to look forward to is the next season.
Well what about this?
How about a mini season? Like a season where the 3rd and 4th string guys on the NFL teams that you like get to play some games and you get to watch football year round!
I think that would be fun, and it would get the teams stronger in a way.
Or would it just hurt all of those players early on?
I would like it.
Why not?

Would it be totally lame if it was just flag football?
Why not?

Whatever. I think I am on to something.
Whatever that may be.

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