Sunday, December 30, 2007

Patriots won what?

Did anyone watch that game last night?
Did it seem like the Patriots were playing pretty poorly?
Or were the Giants playing pretty well?

You know, it just feels like the Giants threw that game.

I guess we will see.


  1. I don't think 38 points is anything poor. If that was Brady playing poorly, then its still a mile better than Favre's poor play in Chicago and in Dallas before he went out. I find it odd you didn't write about those. You seem pretty fair weather. Yeah, a playoff team called the Giants gave a he'll of a game to a playoff team with the best record and the most expectation and pressure. It was a damn good game, and if you were a fan of anything besides Jesus Favre you would appreciate that. Boston sports forever! Im out of here, homey!

  2. jamesies!!5:56 PM

    GO PACK GO!!!!


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