Wednesday, February 06, 2008

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I went and bought groceries.
The passive aggressive war that Truen and I are waging has gone on long enough.
Someone needed to buy some dang cereal already.

I was in the store, and I noticed you can't really smell anything in those stores.
Like when you go into a fruit and vegetable stand how you can smell everything?
Well you can't do that at the grocery store.
I bought some potatoes.
I am frying them.
Right now.


I was thinking back on some jobs that I used to have.
I was comparing them to one another.

I think one of the best jobs I had was working at the Good Eggs.
It was a breakfast burrito stand!
It is delicious.
There were lots of things I liked about that job, but one of the best, one of my most favorite was cutting vegetables.
Mushrooms, Potatoes, Red Peppers.
I would get in a zone!
Chopping vegetables is very calming, but also it puts you in this zone where you are concentrating but also wandering in your head and able to do mental chores.

I don't know, don't you ever get that feeling at your job?
Like the little things that are rewarding to only you?

Dang, Truen just came in the door and she was wearing this tank top over her big belly!

Well, good for the Giants.
It was not as rewarding as a Packer win, but two things:

1. I like Eli Manning not for his skills, but because he is a little brother and I bet that was the best feeling to be able to win that game that everyone thought the Patriots were going to walk away with, and he got to do it in front of his Dad and Big Brother.

2. It was nice to FINALLY see Tom Brady get roughed up a little. Or A LOT!
Dang dude, how did it take that long to get through that offensive line?

I hope you are well.
I am reading a book that describes how New York City will collapse in on itself when humans are gone.
Did you know that there would be a river running down Lexington Avenue?


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