Sunday, February 03, 2008

I hung that shit perfect.

Did I tell you that I worked yesterday?
On Saturday?
I had to go to Connecticut for an install job.

I was responsible for hanging a large framed photo, 40 something inches by 90 something inches.
It was heavy and cumbersome.
And after measuring twice, Del and I hung that bitch perfectly!

Then we ate some chicken sandwiches that were provided for us.
Then we left.

I said this before, but things like a perfect install job MAKE my job.
The sense of accomplishment I feel during those moments make my job so enjoyable.

Anyways, all day yesterday, I had a bit of a postnasal drip, and then this morning I woke up with it even worse.
So I made some breakfast, and then walked Truen to the bus.
Then I went and bought a bunch of Kleenex (the lotion kind was on sale!) and then I sweated my way home.
Even in the crisp morning air, I was sweating.

Truen thinks I am working too much, but I disagree.
True, I do work a lot, but I think it is more about the pending birth.
I am trying to get a lot done before the baby arrives (in the mail) and I am maybe working too hard... at life!

Well I wanted to share something with you, the casual blog reader, that I am proud of.
It is a solution I came up with to a problem that was robbing me of sleep.

There is a silver heating pipe right by our bed, and it makes this bumping noise on and off through the night.
I am a light sleeper, and this bump noise wakes me up immediately, and as long as it is bumping, I am awake.
So originally I stuffed a rolled up piece of moving strap between the wall and the pipe, and it worked.
It only worked for an hour or two, and eventually it would loosen and fall out of it's nook, and then the bumping would make up for lost time by bumping louder, like it was gloating.

So then I tied the strap around the pipe, and would simply yank on the strap every time the bumping would start.
This was also successful but it required me to really yank on the strap, and that wold wake me up as much as the bumping would. So I had to come up with something better, something to help in the long term.

What I came up with is a combination of elements that came into my life separately, but were meant to combine forces to become the useful anti bumping system that I created and implemented, saving me from having to suffer through any more "bumpy" nights.

I took a hammer, and a big chink of wood that I brought home off the street and what I did was I put the claw end of the hammer between the pipe and the wall, then I applied force against the handle of the hammer. This pulls the pipe away from the wall, and creates pressure on the pipe, tightening it in it's fittings which is where I think the bumping was coming from in the first place. THEN I simply put the chunk of wood against the handle of the hammer to keep the hammer in place, the pipe tight, and me sleeping!

It is a win win situation, and you better believe I already filed for the needed patents and copyrights.

Well, today is either a very big day for New York Giants, and everyone else that is sick of the Patriots and Tom Brady's robot like eyes, or it is just another boring Super Bowl.

We'll see.

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