Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I am so stressed out.

Oh man.
I am in a zone.
My brain feels so tired.
I have to rest.
Truen has to have this baby.
I had to work in the worst weather today.
And also it was the worst weather last night.
And yesterday during the day.
Now that I think about it.

I had to work so much.
And it wasn't that much work, but I feel like if it had been summer, I would have been less miserable.
Even in the rain!
Even in the rain it isn't so bad in the summer.

I am stress eating.
For breakfast this morning I had to make myself not eat my entire breakfast burrito.
It had Ham, Eggs, Cheese and Potatoes.
Wrapped in a tortilla.
It's delicious.
I had to look at it and force myself to put half of it back in the wrapper.
And then I ate it all anyways.
And I also had a Toasted Roll with Butter and Jelly.
Do you see what I mean!?

And it was just a miserable day like I said.
LIke I got soaked on the way to work.
So all day I had wet feet.
You know!?
Its uncomfortable!

I have to go.

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