Thursday, February 14, 2008

Part Egyptian.

Today made up for yesterday.
I got to build a ramp to move this big stone!
Do you even know how heavy stone is?
Do you ever have to move a big stone at your job?
Are you a bulldozer?

It was such an ordeal.
I wonder how other people might have approached the situation?
It is such a good feeling.
It was like a real life video game!
I felt like I was in a video game!!!

And we used these 2 X 4's to pry the stone around!
I felt like an Egyptian.
Or a Mayan!

In the picture that is not the same people that are having a baby pretty soon.

Truen got me Steve Martin's new book.
It is so inspirational and motivating.

On my second trip to Arizona there was a VCR at the house.
And it was weird because we didn't even have one of those at OUR house.
But we DIDN'T have to leave the house to go to the bathroom.
But they had a copy of the Jerk.
That was so funny.
I watched that movie so much.


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  1. this guy used a grapple truck to pick up a stone? and the stone was huge! and the truck was NOT meant to do this, it was a terrible idea. it all went wrong and the guy was killed. he was killed! he should have built a ramp... you and those egyptians... yall know things. love truen


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