Monday, February 18, 2008

Any day now.

Do you have the day off?
I have the day off.
I slept in until 8.
Then Truen and I walked over to do the laundry.
Now we are waiting to put our clothes in the dryers.

The doctor said that any day now Truen could give birth.
Now we are just waiting.
Now I am just trying to get ready to move.
Despite the fact that we have not locked anything down for a new place.
I am not letting that get to me.

I think that the most important thing is the baby, and everything else comes second.
Is that right?
Do I have that right?
Maybe it is backwards.

Truen and I went out with the guys from work the other night.
It was fun.
I lost my voice a bit from talking so loud.
We went to a place where the waitresses were dressed like beer maidens.
Beer maidens with bad attitudes.
And in the back of this place they have a grill where you can get all kinds of sausages.
I got us some brats.
But they were only grilled, not boiled in beer like how I like.
Still it was all delicious and fun.

And now we are just waiting.
Waiting for a little dude.

Be good.

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  1. I am very excit- actually excited isn't the word. I am very ecstatic for the arrival of your li'l bundle O'joy. Ecstatic kinda doesn't do it either, plus it's hard to say. I don't know what the word is. But it's good. Btw, I'll be there in a month or 2. Don't forget to talk to our pal Jason about homes. He just found Em's school gal pal a place in Em's neighborhood for real affordable like.


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