Friday, February 22, 2008

Things to distract.

So last night, and the night before, Truen was rolling around.
She was extra rolly.
And it kept me up all night!
And she was having fake contractions.
And it was nervous!

So today I am with her, in case we have to go to the doctor.
She has an appointment, and we will see what they recommend.
I made her some strawberry and cheese things I found at the store.

Moving on, good job on shooting down that satellite.
It was up there making me nervous!
So, now it is down, and we can all move along with our lives.
We can act like it never existed in the first place.
But just so you know, you are not fooling me into believing your reasons for shooting it down.
Since when does the "government" care about what toxic things go into the ocean?
I mean seriously!
I guess I don't have all the facts.
But neither do you.
None of us do.

And Turkey invaded Iraq this morning.
At least that is what Yahoo says.
So what does this mean?
I don't think it can mean anything good.
Maybe it means that my Call of Duty 4 experience will finally come in handy.

I have to eat my food now.
I will let you know if the baby shows up.

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