Friday, February 22, 2008

Me and Ashton.

I am older than Ashton Kutcher.
I just read it!
Do you want to pay for pictures of our baby?
I think that is a good way to make some pre-college money.
Like there will even still BE college by then.

Dang today it could have almost been the baby!
So, you should start bidding on the first photo rights.

Aren't celebrities gross?
They are the grossest.
They are the last people I save on the sinking boat.


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  1. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Dude where you be... I keep callin man and you be not pickin up. Anyway it's like 1:20ish and I am a beer samplin fool! I'm watching Shopgirl on dvd because it's like one of my most fave movies aside from Cool Hand Luke..."I'm shakin it boss". So I was inquiring as to how things are goin over yonder I mean with baby on the way and the big city and all. So if you want to call me on my tele-communication device to relay some details of your life as it pertains to the over all goodness that I hope is percolating in yer life that would be nice. Well enough with the ramblin just give me a holler. Hope all is well. Brian


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