Monday, April 14, 2008

1 Year. 6 Weeks.

I guess I shouldn't think it is weird.
But sometimes I think it is weird.
Axe wants to be held a lot.
So this is how I hold him.
And you know what?
It works!!!

The only thing is that I got to have a big drooly hand when I am done.

And I can't play Call of Duty 4 (Also known as, Iraq War: The Game!!!)

But you know, when when he is quiet and drooly, those are good times.
He just hangs out, and it is good.

So anyways.
Tomorrow is my 1 year mark.
On MY calendar anyways.

How are you doing?
You are doing so good.

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  1. I gotta meet this baby. Looks like a totally good baby.


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